Updates and AutoQA

Rahul Sundaram metherid at gmail.com
Mon Oct 6 07:49:26 UTC 2014


I was pushing out updates for deluge for F20 and F19 and when I tried to
push to stable, AutoQA  figured out what this was breaking the upgrade path
since I had forgotten to do a push for F21.  So far so good however, the
message is a bit misleading


"Automatic push to stable based on karma has been disabled for this update
due to failure of an AutoQA test."

The push was not automatic.  I was doing it manually.  Moreover after I had
submitted a F21 build, it wasn't clear from the message that I was supposed
to revoke the request inorder to resubmit again.

Also wouldn't it be better to run the autoqa checks when the update was
being pushed to testing and provide me a quick warning instead of waiting
til I push to stable?

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