btrfs as default filesystem for F22?

Josef Bacik josef at
Mon Oct 6 15:58:08 UTC 2014

On Mon, Oct 6, 2014 at 11:52 AM, Eric Sandeen <sandeen at> wrote:
> On 10/6/14 9:26 AM, Josef Bacik wrote:
>> Obviously we aren't in xfs/e2fsprogs territory, but it'll fix 90% of
>> the problems and then the other 10% are just a matter of having an
>> example to work off of.  Thanks,
>> Josef
> Josef, just as a datapoint: after corrupting 32k random bytes on a 2G
> image lightly populated and made with default mkfs options, then running
> fsck with all of your recent fixes, I got 9 mount failures out of 20
> attempts, 55% success.
> Running the same test, but w/ 2 devices, each randomly damaged to
> the same extent, and created with -m raid1 -d raid0, I get
> 10 failures out of 20, 50% success.
> (Note that this is just a low-bar "will it mount" test, I'm
> not looking at what's in the repaired filesystem at all).
> What sort of testing yielded your 90% success rate?

The 90% is just off the top of my head, I used to be doing lots of
fsck work for users with corrupted fs, I do that a lot less now, so it
seems like we're making progress.  I have never done any fsfuzzer
testing, I'll put that on the list.  Thanks,


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