Installer - how to get a shell ?

David Timms dtimms at
Tue Oct 7 21:12:29 UTC 2014

Hi, booted up a F21 alpha iso cd, and realized after the long wait that
I didn't have networking configured during boot, and this probably led to:
- no repository
- no package selection possible.

I thought I would Alt-F1,F2 etc to find the shell (and set up networking
manually, rather than waiting for a second boot cycle).
F1 had the list of ttys along the bottom, but the shell one (F2 from
memory) accepts enter (which outputs a blank line, but never gave a
prompt or other response.

What's the trick to getting that (usable) shell to do things like
check/set network ?

Also, should we be able to access wireless network during the first part
of the installer (for network download/install of repos/packages) ?

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