Non-responsive package maintainer (affix)

Jamie Nguyen j at
Thu Oct 9 08:55:12 UTC 2014

On 09/10/14 06:28, Brandon Vincent wrote:
> Over the past month, I have tried contacting Keiran Smith (affix) in
> regards to nagios with no success [1].
> Is anyone aware to his present status in regards to the Fedora Project
> or possibly have an alternative method to reach him?

Strangely, no successful builds from Affix in ~7 years of koji build
logs [1], and there are only 4 (trivial) commits from Affix in the git
history in July 2013.

I think you should probably ignore the fact that Affix happens to be the
first point of contact, and instead email "peter" or "jpo" who are the
active maintainers.


Jamie Nguyen

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