Engineering Representiatve for the new Fedora Council

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Fri Oct 10 15:46:49 UTC 2014

Hey all Fedora distribution developers, engineers, builders, and
infrastructure people! As I hope you've seen by now, we're creating a new
Fedora Council as a top-level project leadership and governance body.
(If you missed it, see inode0's general announcement to the community
and the new charter at <>.)

One seat of the new Council is selected by FESCo to represent all of the
groups that logically fall under that committee — not in the ruleship sense,
but in the sense that it makes a natural place for coordination and
representation of the technical concerns.

We have a FESCo ticket <> for
selecting this representative, but the conversation is larger than just the
members of FESCo, so I'm bringing it here. Help FESCo decide who can best
represent you, your groups, and your work in the project.

Matthew Miller
<mattdm at>
Fedora Project Leader
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