No more deltarpms by default

Tom Rivers tom at
Fri Oct 17 14:24:02 UTC 2014

On 10/17/2014 10:05, drago01 wrote:
> Because it makes no sense and pushes it to the user. The os (i.e we) 
> should handle that. In that case we should do both 1) have lower 
> bandwith requirements (i.e use deltas) *and* 2) have fast installation 
> of updates. Those two goals are not mutually exclusive. Its just the 
> current implementation that is lacking. So instead of messing with 
> questions during the installation we should just fix that. 

If the proper configuration can be determined automagically, then by all 
means just do it.  My point is that users aren't too stupid to 
understand bandwidth/processor considerations.  The configuration of how 
much bandwidth/processor time will be involved in one configuration 
versus another is not rocket science.  These are Linux users after all.  
I completely reject the notion that there isn't a simple way to phrase 
the configuration of how the system is update. After all, setting up a 
secure wireless connection is much more difficult and these same users 
do it every day.

> You customers would be *way* happier if stuff would just work without 
> having them to mess with options until the correct configuration is 
> found. Asking the user is the last resort when everything else fails. 

We configure the system for them whenever possible, so that's precisely 
what we do.  When it comes to a subjective decision about the way the 
system operates after we've implemented additional functionality, we 
always preserve the way the system works and offer an option to change 
it if they so desire.

By the way, considering we have a vast majority of our clients still 
with us and have kept them happy from the WANG 2200 days, through Xenix, 
SCO Unix, and on to Windows and Linux all these years from when we first 
opened our doors in 1985, I'd say we're doing a good job.


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