No more deltarpms by default

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Fri Oct 17 16:11:27 UTC 2014

On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 7:24 AM, Tom Rivers <tom at> wrote:

> If the proper configuration can be determined automagically, then by all
> means just do it.  My point is that users aren't too stupid to understand
> bandwidth/processor considerations.  The configuration of how much
> bandwidth/processor time will be involved in one configuration versus
> another is not rocket science.  These are Linux users after all.  I
> completely reject the notion that there isn't a simple way to phrase the
> configuration of how the system is update. After all, setting up a secure
> wireless connection is much more difficult and these same users do it every
> day.

I think you're setting up a false equivalency here.  There is a difference
between the requirements of say an XBOX or Playstation user and that of
updating a Fedora system.  If given the choice, most people will say "Yes,
I have a high speed connection... turn it on, it's more better.  They won't
give it a second thought.

Consider the upstream consequences of that.  The bandwidth requirements of
repositories and mirrors will increase.  They will need to make the
decision of whether to upgrade their circuits or just let them become
saturated.  Ask a CIO what they think about circuit costs.  They always
want to either reduce or defer upgrades.  These things aren't free.

We should be looking for ways to improve the performance of Presto...not
just throwing it over the wall and assume that the network will handle it.
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