No more deltarpms by default

Tom Rivers tom at
Fri Oct 17 16:58:50 UTC 2014

On 10/17/2014 12:11, Gerald B. Cox wrote:
> I think you're setting up a false equivalency here.  There is a 
> difference between the requirements of say an XBOX or Playstation user 
> and that of updating a Fedora system.  If given the choice, most 
> people will say "Yes, I have a high speed connection... turn it on, 
> it's more better.  They won't give it a second thought.

My point was to say Linux users are usually more tech savvy than XBox 
and Playstation users.  If they say they have a high speed connection 
and they don't and that decision ends up costing them more money in ISP 
costs, then that's on them.  Still, that's really not the crux of what 
I've been trying to say.

> We should be looking for ways to improve the performance of 
> Presto...not just throwing it over the wall and assume that the 
> network will handle it.

I completely agree.  My comments on this topic were meant solely to 
counter the notion that it must be completely abandoned, low 
bandwidth/high-cost bandwidth users be damned.  I was merely trying to 
illustrate that there may be a way to make everyone happy.


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