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Sat Oct 18 00:51:12 UTC 2014

On Fri, Oct 17, 2014 at 9:58 AM, Tom Rivers <tom at> wrote:

> My point was to say Linux users are usually more tech savvy than XBox and
> Playstation users.  If they say they have a high speed connection and they
> don't and that decision ends up costing them more money in ISP costs, then
> that's on them.  Still, that's really not the crux of what I've been trying
> to say.

That wasn't quite my point.  What I was attempting to convey is that people
with high bandwidth connections would be choosing that option because they
would believe it would be "more better" - regardless of whether or not they
cared much about speeding up their updates.  I would venture to say for the
vast majority of users, any time savings really doesn't matter.  They just
don't care.  However, choosing that option would have real implications
upstream.  All of a sudden more repositories would be called upon to
deliver full RPMs... that is alot more bandwidth, which translates to $$$.
Regardless of whether or not it is a university or even Redhat... everyone
has a budget, and they would be concerned about increased costs.  Many
people don't understand networks; they think it's just an unlimited
resource that is free.  Nothing more could be further from the truth.  When
people see the costs they say WTF and quickly change their tune.  I
understand that thankfully DNF will keep Presto as the default; but if the
issue is revisited people need to realize it isn't just about them - there
are implications upstream - and I believe if they were presented the bill,
they would quickly say "oh, it's not  that important to wait an extra few
minutes to have my updates applied".

The bottom line is Presto needs to be improved.  That is the solution.  In
the meantime if people want to download full RPMs they are free to change
the option themselves - and they should be happy it isn't default; because
if it were and everyone was downloading full RPMs they would most likely
see that repository circuits become saturated and their downloads would
come screeching to a halt.
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