No more deltarpms by default

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Sun Oct 19 00:28:21 UTC 2014

Am 19.10.2014 um 02:19 schrieb Solomon Peachy:
> On Sat, Oct 18, 2014 at 07:00:19PM -0400, Nico Kadel-Garcia wrote:
>>    3) People who have a lot of hosts and high bandwidth, high speed
>> local deployment requirements can, and do, set up an internal Fedora
>> mirror with much lower bandwidth costs. This reduces the tangible
>> benefits of deltarpms significantly. This is combined with my direct
> Folks that have that sort of environment also typically use kickstart to
> set systems up, and can trivially disable deltarpms in the process

that people don't fall in that category anyways

they just re-use the result of deltarpm in /var/cache/yum to build up 
their local repos and even in that case they benefit from one time saved 
downloads - keep in mind the result in /var/cache/yum/ from which you 
can build up your local repos is the full RPM

and that is why the current implementation of deltarpm is perfect 
designed and any improvement needs to happen on a different layer

that few lines below are enough to use createrepo and build up a local 
cache without mirror the whole upstream, you just need to have one 
machine with any pakcge you use installed on it - works perfect over 6 
years including dist-upgrades *and* benefits from deltarpm in the first step

basearch=`uname -i`
releasever=`rpm -q --qf "%{version}\n" fedora-release`
for g in `ls -1b /var/cache/yum`
  if [ -d /var/cache/yum/$g/packages ]
   echo "/var/cache/yum/$g/packages/ > /repo/cache/fc$releasever/"
   sudo mv --verbose /var/cache/yum/$g/packages/*.rpm 
/repo/cache/fc$releasever/ 2> /dev/null

everybody can disable it with whatever action
so it has to be enabled by default to save network ressources

99% of people don't realize or know anything about nor do the update 24 
hours a day packages and so the rebuild time is not important

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