Decision on Fedora Product branding: Fedora $PRODUCT 21 vs Fedora 21 $PRODUCT

Stephen Gallagher sgallagh at
Tue Oct 21 12:28:16 UTC 2014

Hello folks,

I raised a question with the Board a couple weeks ago[1] as to how we
should be branding the different releases. It's been clear that
different groups have different opinions on whether we should call
something Fedora Server 21 vs. Fedora 21 Server (and Workstation and
Cloud, of course).

I was asked by the Board to get input from each of the working groups as
well as marketing and branding folks. I'm sending this to each of these
lists, but PLEASE keep all replies on the devel at
list or it will be impossible to keep track of the replies. (I've set
the reply-to header on this email; please try not to lose it).

A few specific comments that have been made on the Board ticket (to
avoid rehashing them).

* "Fedora Server 21" sounds like we've had 21 releases of Fedora Server
and we certainly haven't.
* Should we start all of the Products at version 1 and say "built on the
Fedora 21 platform"?

Anyway, we need to have a consistent branding decision made for the
release (and for the Ambassadors). So please come prepared to find a
consensus (not to win a fight).

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