Decision on Fedora Product branding: Fedora $PRODUCT 21 vs Fedora 21 $PRODUCT

Máirín Duffy duffy at
Tue Oct 21 12:47:19 UTC 2014

On 10/21/2014 08:42 AM, Jaroslav Reznik wrote:
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>> Hi,
>> On 10/21/2014 08:28 AM, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
>>> * Should we start all of the Products at version 1 and say "built on the
>>> Fedora 21 platform"?
>> Is there any intention to release the products on different schedules?
> Definitely not now or in the near future.

Does any group want to eventually release on a different cycle than the 

I mean I think this is the critical question. Because if the products 
are always going to be in sync, having separate version numbers for 
Fedora and each of them is going to confuse way more than it clarifies.


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