Decision on Fedora Product branding: Fedora $PRODUCT 21 vs Fedora 21 $PRODUCT

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Tue Oct 21 13:36:36 UTC 2014

On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 08:28:16AM -0400, Stephen Gallagher wrote:
> A few specific comments that have been made on the Board ticket (to
> avoid rehashing them).
> * "Fedora Server 21" sounds like we've had 21 releases of Fedora Server
> and we certainly haven't.
> * Should we start all of the Products at version 1 and say "built on the
> Fedora 21 platform"?

My opinion is that since we've decided on a unified lifecycle and
release process for now, we should reflect that in the names, so:

 Fedora 21 Cloud
 Fedora 21 Server
 Fedora 21 Workstation

but that we should also allow unversioned naming:

 Fedora Cloud
 Fedora Server
 Fedora Workstation

In the future, if we have separated release cycles, I think separate
numbering might make sense, with the "Built on the Fedora 21 platform"
wording or similar. Possibily date-based schemes for the products —
but I don't want to get the cart too far ahead of the horse on that.

> Anyway, we need to have a consistent branding decision made for the
> release (and for the Ambassadors). So please come prepared to find a
> consensus (not to win a fight).
> [1]

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