Announcing the Fedora 21 Alpha for the Aarch64 architecture!

Peter Robinson pbrobinson at
Wed Oct 22 21:13:29 UTC 2014

I'm pleased to announce the arrival of the Fedora Alpha release for the
ARM aarch64 architecture. Feel free to take it for a drive [1].

The initial release of Fedora for aarch64 focuses on the Fedora Base and Server
product with support for hardware plarforms such as the APM Storm
platform including
devices like the Mustang board, AMD Seattle and ARM Versatile
Express64 including
the Foundation emulator and the Juno hardware platform.

The aarch64 Server product supports all the features of the product that the
mainline primary platforms support. We also support the Base product set and the
vast majority of the 15K+ source package set of the entire Fedora
release are now

=== Fedora 21 Base ===

Each of the products will build on the "base" set of packages for Fedora. For
instance, each product will use the same packages for the kernel, RPM, yum,
systemd, Anaconda, and so forth.

The Base Working Group develops the standard platform for all Fedora products,
which includes the installer, compose tools, and basic platform for the other
products. Base is not a full product intended for use on its own, but to be kept
as a small, stable platform for other products to build on.

=== Fedora 21 Server ===

The Fedora Server product is a common base platform that is meant to
run featured
application stacks, which are produced, tested, and distributed by the Server
Working Group. Want to use Fedora as a Web server, file server, database server,
or platform for an Infrastructure-as-a-Service? Fedora 21 Server is for you.

== Issues and Details ==

This is an Alpha release. As such, we expect that you may encounter bugs or
missing features. To report issues encountered during testing, contact
the Fedora
ARM team via the arm mailing list or in #fedora-arm on freenode. The release can
be found on the secondary architecture mirrors [2].

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