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Fri Oct 24 12:02:04 UTC 2014

Am 24.10.2014 um 13:54 schrieb Richard Shaw:
> On Tue, Oct 21, 2014 at 9:45 AM, Valerio Pachera <sirio81 at
> <mailto:sirio81 at>> wrote:
>     [Service]
>     EnvironmentFile=/etc/conf.d/
>     sheep.conf
>     ExecStart=/usr/sbin/sheep --pidfile /var/run/ ${SHEEP_OPTS}
>     ${SHEEP_PATH}
>     PIDFile=/var/run/
>     Type=forking
> Does sheep fork by default? Is there an option to make it not fork?
> The reason I ask is that Type=simple should be preferred. Then there's
> no PID file to track since it stays the same and it's preferred over
> Type=forking which is mainly for sysvinit compatibility

that is only one side of the coin

the other side is the depending services have no idea in case of 
"Type=simple" if it has finished startup - that's why you don't see any 
such service in "systemd-analyze blame" - the startup is a "fire and 
forget" as long it don't terminate

see here:

after change clamd to "Type=forking" systemd knows when it's startup has 
finished because it forks after that and the After/Before of the milter 
works relieable

so have postfix depending on all milters the first time when Port 25 
accepts connections any other services are also in a sane state instead 
throw around temporary rejects because half of the infrastructure is not 

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