dnf vs yum

Tim Lauridsen tim.lauridsen at gmail.com
Fri Oct 24 16:43:29 UTC 2014

> > "Drop" as in "use yum for that, but dnf for the new versions"? That
> > sounds reasonable.
> Well reality is f-r is mostly for checking *current* Fedora
> guidelines that in some cases apply only to rawhide. If someone is
> running f-r on a system from 4 years ago to verify current packaging
> guidelines I'd question their knowledge of the guidelines :-)
> It's not impossible to do...I just wonder about cost/value proposition
> of keeping the support and spending even more time on it.
f-r should proberly be working in current Fedora releases, F20, F21 &
Rawhide, some kind of compability wrapper could be need, some f-r check
code is the same and the wrapper can support yum-utils and dnf 5.x (F20)
and 6.x API (F21 & F22) (The cache setup is different)

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