[HEADS UP] Bump mesa to 10.3.2 for F20

Nicolas Chauvet kwizart at gmail.com
Wed Oct 29 13:08:29 UTC 2014

Le 29 oct. 2014 09:39, "Igor Gnatenko" <ignatenkobrain at fedoraproject.org> a
écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm planning update mesa in F20 to 10.3.2.
> Probably I'll broke some packages, let's rebuild ...

This is a good idea by itself. But this might have a dependency on a newer
llvm and there is a libxatracker soname bump ( needed by freedreno and

I was heading the 10.3 rebuilt on my testing repository at rpms.kwizart.net
That was all the dependencies that I recall.

I've only tested the freedreno ddx update, not the VMware.. ( Unfortunately
I'm not in the ACL for freedreno anymore for untold reason)

I would still request for others advices given the soname change involved.

Nicolas (kwizart)
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