Making 3rd party gstreamer codecs work in F22

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Sat Apr 25 16:43:40 UTC 2015


It turns out that some of the 3rd party repos that ship additional
gstreamer codecs have been lagging behind and aren't ready for F22. At
this point it's unclear if they'll manage to put out any recompiled F22
packages in time of our GA release.

The main issue that users run into with installing the 3rd party codecs
is that we've bumped various sonames on the Fedora side; otherwise they
could easily use the F21 packages from the 3rd parties.

I think this is something we can try and make work on the Fedora side by
providing enough ABI compatibility with F21. I spent some time today on
this and came up with two compat packages:


Would be awfully nice if someone could help review these. The new compat
packages are shipping the exact same code that was in F21, so it should
be fine to skip a full license audit etc, and just do a fast track review.

Once the 3rd parties have managed to get their F22 builds done, we can
retire / obsolete the compat packages.


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