Removing packages that have broken dependencies in F22 tree

Kalev Lember kalevlember at
Mon Apr 27 22:45:50 UTC 2015

Hi all,

In two weeks we will be entering the F22 Final Freeze. At that point,
Fedora release engineering retires any packages that still have broken
dependencies in the F22 tree.

Based on today's Branched report [1], we still have a number of unfixed
packages with broken dependencies (package maintainers BCC'd to this
email). Anything not fixed by 2015-05-11 from the list below is going to
be automatically retired:

       Package          (co)maintainers    
Sprog                   mjakubicek
aeskulap                ankursinha, mrceresa, susmit
aunit                   landgraf
aws                     landgraf
bro                     fab, mildew
crystal                 bnemec, chitlesh
dnssec-check            hardaker
dsqlite                 jouty
florist                 landgraf
gcc-python-plugin       dmalcolm, jakub
gl3n                    cicku, bioinfornatics
gnatcoll                landgraf
kde-style-skulpture     jreznik
leksah                  petersen, haskell-sig
matreshka               landgraf
newsx                   rathann, itamarjp
nifti2dicom             dvratil
oozie                   rrati, coolsvap, moceap
opensips                ivaxer, peter
python-sippy            peter
quarticurve-kwin-theme  kkofler
rss-glx                 nphilipp, cheese
rubygem-rugged          tdawson
spring-maps-default     gilboa
syntastic               bioinfornatics, praiskup
tango                   bioinfornatics, cicku
templates_parser        oenone, landgraf
vdr-streamdev           heffer
vdr-vnsiserver3         bubeck
xavante                 timn

These are all leaf packages; no other package depends on them.

I've excluded odb-2.3.0-11.fc22, openchange-2.2-6.fc22,
rubygem-moped-1.5.2-5.fc22, zeromq-ada-2.1.0-17.24032011git.fc22 from
the list above; they all have fixes in updates-testing and just need
karma in Bodhi to go to stable.



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