ncurses update to 6.0

Miroslav Lichvar mlichvar at
Tue Aug 4 10:33:42 UTC 2015

The ncurses upstream has released a first 6.0 version few months ago.
The default ABI version has changed to 6, which enables some
extensions to allow more colors, mouse wheel, etc. The ABI version 5
is still supported and can be selected with a configure option.

We should switch to the new ABI, but we will probably want to provide
the old ABI 5 libs even when all Fedora ncurses applications are
rebuilt with the new ABI to not break 3rd party packages. Dependency
on or is pretty common.

As for updating the ncurses package, my current plan is to build the
libs in both ABIs (so there are four builds total with the wide and
narrow versions), use the ncurses-libs subpackage for the new ABI 6
libs and create a new subpackage for ABI 5 libs. What would be a good
name of the subpackage? ncurses-libs5, ncurses5-libs, compat-ncurses5,
or something else?


Miroslav Lichvar

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