[Test-Announce] 2015-02-02 @16:00 UTC - Fedora QA Meeting

Adam Williamson adamwill at fedoraproject.org
Mon Feb 2 01:41:40 UTC 2015

# Fedora Quality Assurance Meeting
# Date: 2015-02-02
# Time: 16:00 UTC
# Location: #fedora-meeting on irc.freenode.net

Greetings testers!

It's QA meeting time again! If the folks working on it will be around 
it'd be good to hear about the OpenQA work they've been doing. The 
anaconda team would like to arrange an event to collaborate on 
creating anaconda CI tests (Jenkins) from our release validation 
tests, and we have some criteria proposals / changes we could run 

If you have any other topic ideas, please reply to this mail and we'll 
add them in the meeting! Thanks folks.

== Proposed Agenda Topics ==

1. Previous meeting follow-up
2. Anaconda 'test day' planning
3. Release criteria / test case revisions
4. Open floor
Adam Williamson
Fedora QA Community Monkey
IRC: adamw | Twitter: AdamW_Fedora | XMPP: adamw AT happyassassin . net

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