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Dan Williams wrote:
>I'd also point out that there are three different NetworkManager GUIs,
>and one TUI:
>1) GNOME Shell network settings - not really targeted for server
>environments, has a smaller set of options that are suitable for
>desktop/workstation use-cases
>2) nm-connection-editor - presents a larger set of options than #1, and
>only modifies *saved configuration*, not runtime configuration.  eg, it
>is basically a much more capable system-config-network but without the
>"up/down" buttons
>3) KDE's network configuration dialogs
>4) nmtui - a slightly simpler version of nm-connection-editor intended
>for GUI-less environments, like a more capable
>#2 and #4 obviously run much better in desktop environments like LXDE,
>XFCE, etc where the full GNOME stack is not available.
>It's important to note which one you're talking about when suggesting
>improvements, since they are developed by different projects and each
>one has a different target audience.  That said, I understand it can be
>confusing which one is for who and available where...

I bet most users aren't even aware that there are multiple user
interfaces for network configuration, and therefore they also aren't
aware that there is a need to specify which of them one is talking

What's the recommended way for a user to find out which of the three
GUIs it is that pops up when one clicks on a menu entry, when the
window title is something generic like "network configuration" and
there is no about dialog? Run "ps -ef" and look for recently started

Björn Persson
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