Dan Williams dcbw at
Mon Feb 2 10:16:52 UTC 2015

On Mon, 2015-02-02 at 06:19 +0100, Björn Persson wrote:
> Dan Williams wrote:
> >I'd also point out that there are three different NetworkManager GUIs,
> >and one TUI:
> >
> >1) GNOME Shell network settings - not really targeted for server
> >environments, has a smaller set of options that are suitable for
> >desktop/workstation use-cases
> >
> >2) nm-connection-editor - presents a larger set of options than #1, and
> >only modifies *saved configuration*, not runtime configuration.  eg, it
> >is basically a much more capable system-config-network but without the
> >"up/down" buttons
> >
> >3) KDE's network configuration dialogs
> >
> >4) nmtui - a slightly simpler version of nm-connection-editor intended
> >for GUI-less environments, like a more capable
> >system-config-network-tui
> >
> >#2 and #4 obviously run much better in desktop environments like LXDE,
> >XFCE, etc where the full GNOME stack is not available.
> >
> >It's important to note which one you're talking about when suggesting
> >improvements, since they are developed by different projects and each
> >one has a different target audience.  That said, I understand it can be
> >confusing which one is for who and available where...
> I bet most users aren't even aware that there are multiple user
> interfaces for network configuration, and therefore they also aren't
> aware that there is a need to specify which of them one is talking
> about.
> What's the recommended way for a user to find out which of the three
> GUIs it is that pops up when one clicks on a menu entry, when the
> window title is something generic like "network configuration" and
> there is no about dialog? Run "ps -ef" and look for recently started
> processes?

Assuming the current versions of the various DEs, then in GNOME, the
thing you're looking at is the GNOME tools.  If you're in KDE, then it's
the KDE tools.  If you're in XFCE/LXDE, then it's likely
nm-connection-editor.  So I guess I should say "what DE are you


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