Filing Bugs for Python 3 Switch

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Mon Feb 2 16:46:00 UTC 2015

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> On Fri, 30 Jan 2015 04:44:19 -0500 (EST)
> Bohuslav Kabrda <bkabrda at> wrote:
> > I just had a quick IRC chat with DNF maintainer and he said we still
> > wants to switch to py3 for F22.
> Lovely.
> Perhaps we could get the dnf folks, anaconda, qa and fesco all together
> in one place to discuss this?

Yeah, I'm not opposed to that, although with DevConf on my back, I'm not likely to organize anything like this during this week.

> > > We will not be replacing python2 entirely, it and packages that
> > > depend on it will still be available for now.
> > 
> > Doesn't [1] say it?
> Fair enough. I looked for that wording and didn't see it. ;(
> > Yeah, as noted by Stephen Smoogen, I think the problem is
> > communication here. Judging from reactions of people who I talked to,
> > everyone takes it as "FESCo thinks that Python 3 is not ready and not
> > the way to go right now". That's also what I thought when I read
> > simple "defer this to F23". After these conversations here I'm
> > starting to understand that this is not a message that FESCo meant to
> > send. "Python 3 migration improvements" sounds about right to me and
> > seems to send a better message than just deferring to F23. Can
> > someone from FESCo comment on this? If this sounds ok, shall I create
> > a change page for it?
> I'm personally in favor of that, but I'm also in favor of deferring the
> dnf and anaconda python3 changes. But thats just IMHO.

I created a change and submitted it to change wrangler:
I asked Jarda Reznik to process it ASAP, so it should be ready soon.

> > As I noted above, DevAssistant devels have been using python3-dnf for
> > quite some time now without any issues. I've written couple of
> > scripts using python3-dnf and run them regularly without any issue. I
> > even replaced "#!/usr/bin/python" by "!#/usr/bin/python3"
> > in /usr/bin/dnf some time ago and everything still works (how ugly is
> > that? :)). I know, that's not extensive testing, but it's certainly
> > not zero.
> ok. Fair enough. Some small amount of testing. :)
> It's not at all the same scale as: "Been in fedora for years and we
> have asked people to test it a bunch for the last few years".

I know :)

> I'm using dnf-3 here now and haven't hit any dnf-3 specific bugs, but
> that again is a small sample size.
> > > * anconda switches to python3 (it's almost ready, but no telling
> > > what issues we will hit, it's not even landed yet).
> > > 
> > > Should we toss in a UI redesign so we can have Fedora 18 again?
> > > (sorry, that was rude of me)
> > 
> > Why not :)
> You weren't here for Fedora 18 were you? ;)

I've been around since 15... 18 was fun ;)

> > I'd say we should leave this up to developers of DNF and Anaconda.
> > They're the best ones to say whether they're ready or not.
> I suppose so, but I think we should also take into account QA and
> others input.

I'm not saying we shouldn't. AFAIK dnf can be safely switched back and forth, so the best way (IMO) would be to switch it ASAP to py3 and see what it breaks. We can always switch it back before Beta or so. I think that enough people will test it before then.


> kevin

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