Dependency chain issue...

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Tue Feb 3 04:49:08 UTC 2015

Nathanael d. Noblet wrote:
>   I have F21 Workstation installed. I installed liveusb-creator and the
> following was the dependency chain installed.
>   The real odd parts are all the multi-media being installed. This seems
> to stem from phonon being included in the chain. I don't really know why
> it is. Is this a bug?

Problem #1 is that PyQt4 is not split into subpackages for the different Qt 
modules being bound, so you end up with the Phonon and QtWebKit bindings 
installed, which drag in the rest. So far we have chickened out of splitting 
PyQt4, we'll need to look into this issue in the KDE SIG.

Problem #2 is that you are getting phonon-backend-vlc instead of phonon-
backend-gstreamer, which ends up dragging in a lot of dependencies. Try 
using --exclude=phonon-backend-vlc to force yum to pick -gstreamer instead. 
This is a result of phonon-backend-vlc being in RPM Fusion (and you having 
that enabled). It gets preferred by yum for some reason (shorter name? fewer 
direct dependencies? something else? I don't know which of the many criteria 
is being used here). I have always said that having phonon-backend-vlc in 
the repositories is a bad idea (because you end up with a different default 
backend depending on the repositories you have selected, leading to a 
support nightmare), but I wasn't listened to. (In fact, this even affects 
builds of KDE packages in RPM Fusion, where phonon-backend-vlc also gets 
dragged in, and thus the KDE packages cannot be rebuilt against a new FFmpeg 
before VLC is. That sucks.)

        Kevin Kofler

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