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On 02.02.2015 19:58, David Herrmann wrote:
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> On Sun, Feb 1, 2015 at 10:50 AM, poma <pomidorabelisima at> wrote:
>> MiracleCast - Howto
>> "Current State"
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>> Can folks from the NetworkManager team & systemd-networkd team answer regarding the current status in this matter?
> As people continuously ask me about this, I'll just try to answer it
> on the public ML:
> To make Miracast work, we need access to a Wifi P2P API. The kernel
> implements Wifi P2P and wpa_supplicant provides access to it via it's
> ctrl-interface (and I think recently even gained a dbus API). In
> MiracleCast I wrote a miracle-wifid daemon that wraps wpa_supplicant
> and provides P2P to MircaleCast. However, this does not work well in
> parallel to NetworkManager/wicd/connman/... running. You really cannot
> run wpa_supplicant multiple times on the same interface. Hence,
> MiracleCast development is currently stalled until the different
> network-managers provide a P2P API.

Are you for to make the request for improvement towards NetworkManager?

> Intel recently added such an API to ConnMan and provides a WFD
> implementation on its own [1]. I highly recommend looking into it.
> It's now up to NetworkManager to catch up. systemd-networkd doesn't do
> L2 setup, so it's not really related. wicd is kinda dead [2], so I
> doubt they'll come up with something.
> Furthermore, P2P support is pretty "limited" right now. Officially,
> almost all recent devices support it, but it's particularly annoying
> to set it up, due to major bugs across all the stacks (in no way
> limited to linux drivers). I mean, 3 of 4 of my connection attempts
> between Android and Windows devices fails.. not even talking about my
> wpa_supplicant hacks.

Thank you for your comprehensive explanation!

> As I'm not really interested in hacking on network-managers, I've
> decided to stop working on MiracleCast. If, some day, there's a
> working P2P stack on linux, I might resurrect it. But it sounds more
> likely that I'll refer to the Intel solution (WYSIWIDI) instead.
> There're also gstreamer plugins for WFD now, so maybe give them a try?



This module is running on established p2p connection with wifi direct, which means that you have to setup this network environment to run this module. I hope this link would be very helpful. ( )

You are referring to them, they are referring to you. :)

> Thanks
> David
> [1]
> [2]

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