mongodb.conf rename

Honza Horak hhorak at
Wed Feb 4 10:58:13 UTC 2015

On 02/02/2015 05:01 PM, Miloslav Trma─Ź wrote:
> Hello,
>> in Fedora Rawhide there is a new major version of mongoDB 2.6. With this
>> new version names of mongoDB configuration files will be changed  - to
>> reflect names used in upstream rpms
>> ( )
>> mongodb.conf -> mongod.conf
>> mongodb-shard.conf -> mongos.conf
>> In Fedora mongodb.conf is used from version 12.
>> If this change should be a problem, please contact me...
> Is it possible to do something (write RPM scriptlets, or perhaps ship symlinks) to make this transparent and effortless to users?

Let's look at it closer.. First, we need to do all the magic only if 
previous version is < 2.6.

One idea is that we could use %pre script and do the following in it:
If /etc/mongodb.conf is there (that means we upgrade from 2.4), move it 
to /etc/monogd.conf and create a symlink /etc/mongodb.conf > 

There is one issue I see with this way -- generally when we bring new 
content during update and the config file hasn't changed, rpm replaces 
the content and creates <config>.rpmnew otherwise. The solution above 
wouldn't behave like this.

Another idea is that we can just ship new config and let the old one 
either be backed-up (into <config>.rpmsave in case it has been changed) 
or removed. Then in case /etc/mongodb.conf.rpmsafe exists, its content 
could be copied to /etc/mongod.conf, while the original /etc/mongod.conf 
would be copied into /etc/mongod.conf.rpmnew. Hopefully, that should 
handle the same user experience as when user upgrades ordinary.

Just thinking laudly, so there may be some drawbacks or better solutions.



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