Results of Boost rebase

Mamoru TASAKA mtasaka at
Wed Feb 4 13:46:07 UTC 2015

Petr Machata wrote on 02/04/2015 03:11 AM:
> Hi,
> Most of the mass rebuild finished last week already, but due to FOSDEM
> and other circumstances (like me leaving the result file on my home NFS
> out of reach yesterday) I'm only getting to writing this now.  A bunch
> of Boost-related bugs have been already resolved, or I contacted the
> maintainers.  The following is the stuff that I plonked as not my
> business.  Contact me if you think it in fact is, I'll look into it.
> The following look like they miss an #include <iostream>
> 8736847	swig			kernel_require.rb:54:in `require': cannot load such file -- example (LoadError)

This is ruby 2.2 change. Patch is already available:

however, after applying this swig build now fails with
go test suite:
Unfortunately I am not familiar with go.


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