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Casey Jao casey.jao at gmail.com
Thu Feb 5 14:49:48 UTC 2015

On 02/04/2015 06:03 PM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> On Wed, 2015-02-04 at 07:00 -0800, Casey Jao wrote:
>> I understand where you are coming from and that a fedora user is 
>> likely to see frequent updates of lots of other packages anyway. But 
>> on slower moving distros where systems components rarely get more 
>> than security updates, browsers might be one of the more frequently 
>> updated pieces of software.
>> Perhaps my experience is atypical (especially since I'm on F21!), 
>> but after last week's Google Chrome-only update notification (which 
>> was the impetus for this report), today I got another Gnome software 
>> prompt to restart just for google-chrome-stable.
>> On 02/03/2015 10:22 AM, Adam Williamson wrote:
> Please don't top-post.
> I was considering the tighter characterization of a 'safe' app to 
> update, not your broader one. I am happy to defer to those who've 
> spent more time dealing with it than me - i.e. hughsie - when they say 
> that, no, it isn't really 'safe' to update your web browser online. 
> (I'm equally happy to say 'meh' and go ahead and do it anyway, but 
> that's my *personal* decision for *myself*, it doesn't mean that's the 
> appropriate default for Fedora).
> Even on 'slower moving' distributions I'd think it'd be relatively 
> rare for an update set to *only* include packages which contained docs 
> or static data or a very static application. And this is the *Fedora* 
> devel@ list, so I'm not really sure how relevant these 'slower moving' 
> distributions are to us? They're free to choose their own default 
> update systems, of course.

Would you rather this thread be moved to some Gnome mailing list? I
posted here initially because I had associated Fedora closely with Gnome
software (sort of like how Nexus devices are designed to channel
Google's intentions with Android), but I'll be happy to continue the
discussion elsewhere (is there a specific mailing list for Gnome
software?) if you deem that more appropriate.

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