Attempting to contact unresponsive maintainers - jmoskovc, dborkmann and ctria

Kevin Fenzi kevin at
Thu Feb 5 14:56:02 UTC 2015

Greetings, we've been told that the email addresses
for these package maintainers are no longer valid.  I'm starting the
unresponsive maintainer policy to find out if they are still interested
in maintaining their packages (and if so, have them update their email
addresses in FAS).  If they're not interested in maintaining or we
can't locate them I'll have FESCo orphan the packages so that others
can take them over.

If you have a way to contact these maintainers, please let them
know that we'd appreciate knowing what to do with their packages.

* jmoskovc - former email address jmoskovc at

* dborkmann - former email address dborkmann at

* ctria - former email address ctria at

If we don't hear anything in a week, we will be setting the point of
contact on these packages to orphan. 


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