GTK widget sizing in Rawhide

Scott Talbert swt at
Sat Feb 7 03:17:36 UTC 2015

Hi all,

I'm working on testing wxPython 3.0 (which has now been built against 
GTK+3) in Rawhide.  As I'm going through the various wxPython 
applications, I'm seeing issues in several of the applications with widget 
sizing: buttons, text controls, combo boxes, etc - usually they are too 
small.  When I test the same applications (same version, same wxPython, 
same wxWidgets), I am not seeing the same issues.  Does anyone know what 
might be going on - is there some change in GTK+ 3.15 with respect to 
widget sizing or a known issue?

Here are a couple of screenshots that illustrate the issue:

Cura in Rawhide:

Cura in F21:


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