[Test-Announce] Proposal to CANCEL: 2015-02-09 Fedora QA Meeting

Adam Williamson adamwill at fedoraproject.org
Sun Feb 8 16:41:04 UTC 2015

Hi folks! I don't really have a lot for the agenda for the next 
meeting - we have the Anaconda DNF Test Day coming up on Thursday, but 
we have preparations for that in hand (if folks can be thinking about 
ways to exercise DNF in anaconda that'd be great, any suggestions on 
the trac ticket) and 22 Branch point and Alpha TC1 are scheduled for 
Tuesday (we'll have to talk to releng about TC1 readiness).

If anyone has any topics to discuss, please reply to this mail and/or 
just send a meeting announcement mail, otherwise we can take the hour 
off and meet for the blocker review meeting at 17:00.
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