another input/output question (libinput / pulseaudio / ....)

Samuel Sieb samuel at
Mon Feb 9 01:17:28 UTC 2015

On 02/06/2015 02:47 AM, Damian Ivanov wrote:
> 2) In the sound settings it's only stereo listed as profile, it's a 7.1 headset
>      (yes, I tried it on Windows and 7.1 headset is not only snake oil)
>      It is really poorly documented how to get 7.1 working.
This is either the kernel driver or ALSA.
Useful information would be:
1. The chunk of device information from /proc/bus/input/devices
2. The chunk of information from "lsusb -v".
3. The output from dmesg when you plug in the device.

> 3) The chroma (razer) device series (keyboards,mice,headsets and others)
>       have Led's on it which can change the color using the windows driver.
>       The Led's work on Linux but there is no tool to change it.
>       The chroma series are only the first of this type, more products from
>        other companies seem to have/get such feature as well.
>        If there was a backend that does changing the color is there any
> place in the      gnome ui, where this could be placed (the chroma
> devices has mice/headsets/keyboards)?
> I have seen using wireshark and a VM how to reverse engineer what the
> driver does when changing the color. Question here: where would this
> go?
> A cmd tool? A seperate gui tools? Can this and if yes how be
> integrated to gnome-control-center?
A quick search gave me

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