Results of a test mass rebuild of rawhide/x86_64 with gcc-5.0.0-0.5.fc22

Marek Polacek polacek at
Wed Feb 11 11:32:30 UTC 2015

On Wed, Feb 11, 2015 at 06:25:10AM -0500, Matej Stuchlik wrote:
> > python3-3.4.2-3.fc22.src.rpm
> > 	build started failing with
> > 	The code has an undefined behavior (returning address of a local variable);
> > 	it
> > 	tried to perform a stack overflow, but the compiler turned the code via tail
> > 	recursion
> > 	optimization into an endless loop.
> Would you have a buildlog of the failure available somewhere? I've tried to rebuild it [1]
> and it seems to pass just fine.

You might want to look at, which
contains more information about this issue (and even a patch).


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