Mock, Rawhide and DNF

Miroslav Suchy msuchy at
Fri Feb 13 08:35:30 UTC 2015

I just released mock-1.2.7. It have - beside one small bug and new F22 
configs - one important change.

The rawhide configs have this one line included:
   config_opts['package_manager'] = 'dnf'
which means that Mock will use DNF for building packages for rawhide 
targets. There are two consequences, which I would like to point out.

This change is done only in Mock, but not in Koji. M.McLean is working 
on Koji code enhancement, which allow to do this change in Koji too. The 
ETA is 1-3 months. During this transient period Koji will use YUM for 
rawhide targets, while your local mock builds will use DNF. We would 
like to use this period to get broader testing of Mock+DNF before it 
reach Koji. If you experience some problem (I believe there will be 
none) please report it, so we can address it before we deploy this 
change on Koji.

RHEL/EPEL users do not have DNF available, therefore they are unable to 
build packages for Fedora Rawhide. There is however a workaround. Just 
change this line:
   config_opts['package_manager'] = 'dnf'
to this:
   config_opts['package_manager'] = 'yum'
or you can simply delete it because Yum is the default.
Or you can pass "--yum" to mock.
However you should be aware that you are using different depsolving and 
you may get slightly different result.

And last one notice: I built mock-1.2.7 only for rawhide, F22 and F21 
for now.
I will create updates for F20, Epel7 and EL6 on Wednesday next week as I 
do not want to interrupt quarantine period of previous update in bodhi, 
which carry some important fixes.


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