I wrote small script to list FTBFS koji entries

Jakub Cajka jcajka at redhat.com
Fri Feb 13 15:09:58 UTC 2015

> As my work usually is around fixing packages which failed to build on
> AArch64 I spend lot of time with Koji.
> Today I started writing script which has to list all current FTBFS
> entries from selected Koji instance - kind like [1] does but with few
> extras:
> - no packages which got built later
> - no repeated entries
> I plan to make something like Ubuntu has [2] which was great help when I
> was working on fixing packages while working for Canonical.
> No idea how far I will go with it but something like generator for such
> page is on my to do list.
> Current version of script is on [3]. My Python skills maybe are not the
> greatest ones but script works for me.
> Patches, ideas, bugs are welcome.


I am probably working on solving this already :), may be in a bit different way. (I'm around s390 and ppc kojis.)[package/tag] (location will change in about a week)

Initial ideas belong to sharkcz :). It can for now just show overview of tags and package in tag across all Fedora's kojis. It is still heavy WIP. I'm now overcoming slowness of koji responsiveness using local DB synced with kojis by watching fedmsg. 

Overview of FTBFS is my next top priority, later with some sort of task tracking and comment system, as lot of FTBFS have common cause and affects multiple ("secondary") kojis, and generally to help coordinate our resources/manpower on fixing stuff(to avoid fixing the same/similar bug up to 4 times).

I will soon upload sources on github.


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