Mock, Rawhide and DNF

Kevin Kofler kevin.kofler at
Sat Feb 14 03:33:52 UTC 2015

Pierre-Yves Chibon wrote:
> Could it be an idea to check if /usr/bin/dnf exists (or if dnf can be
> found in $PATH) before calling dnf and if not a) warn the user and b)
> switch back to yum?
> This would make mock run out of the box for RHEL/EPEL users as well.

IMHO, it is the job of the EPEL package of mock to disable the 
config_opts['package_manager'] = 'dnf' option in the shipped version of the 
Rawhide configs. I don't care whether it's done using patch or sed, as long 
as it's done in SOME way. That's what packaging is for. The fact that Fedora 
happens to be upstream for this package doesn't mean it cannot be patched 
for specific releases (especially RHEL/EPEL).

        Kevin Kofler

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