Which of the changes introduced in F21 might affect bash history?

Alexander Ploumistos alex.ploumistos at gmail.com
Mon Feb 16 08:34:48 UTC 2015


I have upgraded 3 systems to a nonproduct F21 and I have installed F21
to a couple of others using the x86_64 Live Workstation image. They
all suffer from intermittent losses of bash history. When the machines
are booted or rebooted, more than half the times, there are commands
missing from .bash_history files. It's not only that the previous
sessions have not been appended to the files, entire portions of the
files are wiped on occasion, e.g. history files that were more than
2000 lines long are now reduced to just a couple of commands.

There was a bug filed against systemd during F21 testing (#1170765),
where I followed up, but I have no idea if systemd really is to blame
or if there is something else that could be touching history files. I
have read the release notes as well as the system administrator's
guide, but couldn't find anything relevant. Does anyone have any idea
what might be off here? Which system components are involved in
terminal history management?


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