Can rpmbuild produce a 'build logs' rpm also?

David Howells dhowells at
Mon Feb 16 13:12:44 UTC 2015

Miroslav Suchý <msuchy at> wrote:

> > Can rpmbuild be taught to produce a 'build logs' rpm (or tarball or
> > something) that isn't automatically added to the installation set by
> > koji/bodhi and that can get generated even in the event of a build
> > failure?
> rpmbuild is very low level tool. I doubt it have sense there.

Possibly, but some support from the specfile might be necessary - if only to
specify where to find the logs.

> So this is merely about Koji/Copr to use some standard location. And the
> "standard" is key here.

What do you mean by 'standard location'?  Do you mean the locations of the
log/logs to be captured or the place where the captured logs are held?


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