Mass Fortran rebuilds due to new GCC?

Susi Lehtola jussilehtola at
Mon Feb 16 20:36:43 UTC 2015

On 02/15/2015 01:05 PM, Kevin Fenzi wrote:
> On Fri, 13 Feb 2015 21:59:06 +0100
> Björn Esser <bjoern.esser at> wrote:
>> Am Freitag, den 13.02.2015, 13:53 -0700 schrieb Kevin Fenzi:
>>> Can you expand on the breakage? Is it that they no longer rebuild?
>>> Or that they no longer run?
>> I think, he's talking about the fact they are segfaulting…  ;)
> Well, thats not really clear to me at least. "broken" is pretty generic
> and vuage.

Well, yes. Broken here means that if you have packages foo and bar, with 
bar being built on foo,
  1) if you try to rebuild bar, it will fail because foo's module is of
     the wrong version.
  2) after foo is rebuilt, bar will typically segfault when it's run.

so you'll need to rebuild both with the new version of GFortran.

>> For this particular case it is:  repoquery --whatrequires libgfortran
> But it sounds like it's a subset of these (only those with .mod files)
> that are actually affected?
> So, something like:
> % repoquery -qf /usr/lib64/gfortran/modules/\*.mod | sort | uniq
> elpa-mpich-devel-0:2013.11-5.008.fc22.x86_64
> elpa-openmpi-devel-0:2013.11-5.008.fc22.x86_64
> getdata-devel-0:0.8.6-1.fc22.x86_64
> grib_api-devel-0:1.13.0-1.fc22.x86_64
> hdf5-devel-0:1.8.14-1.fc22.x86_64
> healpix-devel-0:2.13a-15.fc22.x86_64
> libxc-devel-0:2.1.0-4.fc22.x86_64
> netcdf-fortran-devel-0:4.4.1-1.fc22.x86_64
> plplot-fortran-devel-0:5.10.0-17.fc22.x86_64
> qd-devel-0:2.3.15-1.fc22.x86_64
> wannier90-devel-0:2.0.0-3.fc22.x86_64
> And then I suppose everything that buildrequires them?

Yes, that might be a sane assumption.
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