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Sumit Bhardwaj sumitkbhardwaj at
Tue Feb 17 10:32:35 UTC 2015

Hi All,

Hope its the right place to discuss this. Recently, during the redesign
of the page, the links to updated/new posts from were removed. Any specific reason for this?

I, for one, used those links for quickly going through the new blog
posts. Planet Fedora blog articles are much more frequent than those
posted in fedora magazine (although that is needed as well). So 8 out of
10 times when I opened my browser, I used to get something new to read
and  follow from there to the actual blog if I find it interesting.

Now with blog links gone, I feel less and less compelled to open the
page every time I open my browser and I feel like removing it as my
start page. I think the idea behind having a start page is to have users
actually use it as start page and find value in doing that. I personally
feel that is gone, because now, most of the times I get the same
articles. So once a day visit to fedora magazine is enough.

Sumit Bhardwaj 

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