PHP webapp configuration (apache / nginx / php)

Remi Collet Fedora at
Wed Feb 18 07:27:27 UTC 2015


Lot of webapp in fedora repository requires httpd + mod_php

Reminder: since Fedora 21 we have now 3 working (out-of-the-box) way to
have a webserver with php enabled:

- apache + mod_php (the trivial way, but not the best for perf)
- apache + php-fpm (using network socket of UDS since F22)
- nginx + php-fpm

You can check some already adapted applications:
- phpMyAdmin
- roundcubmail (version 1.1.0, freshly build)

Please check if the webapp you own can be adapted.

If you provide a httpd configuration file,
you just have to requires httpd-filesystem (for dir ownership)

If you provide a nginx configuration file,
you just have to requires nginx-filesystem (for dir ownership)

And of course, webserver + php(httpd)


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