setup needed for building from src rpms ?

Reindl Harald h.reindl at
Fri Feb 20 17:08:05 UTC 2015

Am 20.02.2015 um 17:59 schrieb Fulko Hew:
> I'm not sure if this is the right list for the question, but...

not really, at least the subject is on-topic

> I now have the time and opportunity to migrate my main dev machine
> from Fedora 8 to something current, namely F21.  But in the intervening
> years, there have been lots of changes to KDE, and most of the visual
> aspects don't suit my way of thinking, especially about usability.
> Personally I found the older everything to be easer and faster to use.
> ie. less mouse movements and fewer clicks, etc.
> But I won't turn this into a rant.  Rather I want to patch some of
> my major pain points to re-introduce some of the options and flexibility
> that seems to have been removed since then.
> I thought I'd start with enhancing some of the items in kdetoys,
> so I fetched the source RPM and tried installing it with yum and dnf.
> Yum complains about 'Not a compatible architecture: src'
> DNF complains about 'Will not install a source rpm package"
> RPM tries to work but warns about: missing user and group mockbuild.

a src.rpm is a SOURCE package to install it in a *build environment* or 
"rpmbuild ---rebuild package.src.rpm" and "rpm -ivh" just unpacks it in 
the build environment (SPECS, SOURCES..) to use rpmbuild

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