New Upstream Release Monitoring Systems

Ralph Bean rbean at
Fri Feb 20 20:36:11 UTC 2015

I'm proud to announce that the Infrastructure team has finished deploying the
first iteration of our replacement for the older, wiki-based Upstream Release
Monitoring tools this week.  You can read about the details of the trio of
systems[1] now used to coordinate upstream release monitoring on the same old
wiki page.

Names of systems:

- pkgdb is the familiar Fedora Package DB
  It provides some flags used by the other systems.
- anitya is the web app running at
  It is responsible for scraping upstream release sites looking for new
- the-new-hotness is a backend daemon that responds to fedmsg messages about
  upstream releases.

The bugs filed in bugzilla look much the same as they did before, but for
packagers there is one thing to note:  the process of getting your package(s)
registered for upstream release monitoring has changed.  Please see the
instructions[2] on the wiki page.

Old packages that were listed on the wiki page have been imported to and have had their monitoring flag set in pkgdb.  New
packages added to Fedora now have their monitoring flag set to True by default
and a script attempts to map them to an upstream project in automatically.

If you want new upstream releases monitored for your package(s), you must:

- Add the upstream project to anitya[3].
- Map the upstream project to a Fedora package in anitya[3].
- Enable the monitoring flag for that Fedora package in pkgdb2[4].

Note also that it is now possible to get notifications about upstream releases
without bugs being filed in bugzilla.  To do this, add your projects to and configure your Fedora Notifications (FMN)[5] account
while leaving the monitor flag set to False in pkgdb[4].

If you encounter bugs or have requests for enhancement, as always please do
file them[6][7][8].. and if you're having problems with a particular package
there is a place to list those[8] also on the wiki page.

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