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Dave Melia dave at
Sat Feb 21 13:47:53 UTC 2015


My name is Dave Melia and I am in the processes of becoming a package 
maintainer for the Fedora Project.
I am a Linux Engineer for The Hut Group, and I became interested in 
becoming a package maintainer after building packages for our internal 
repo at work.  We use Cobbler as our repository, and Puppet to 
distribute the packages to our developers.  I am a Fedora advocate, I 
run it on my desktop and my laptop at home, my desktop in the office, 
and we run RHEL/CentOS for our servers; contributing to Fedora seemed 
like the right choice!

I have been passionate about Linux and Open Source for ~15 years and 
have always wanted to contribute and give back to the community.  
Unfortunately my coding skills would not be up to standard and my 
technical writing is terrible... SO!  I decided that package management 
would be the way to go!

I'm not too sure specifically which packages I'd like to maintain, but I 
am open to contribute to anything.

Over the past few months I've started my own blog to document the things 
that I learn (Terrible short-term memory!).

Oh, and I have a Tux tattoo on my wrist.

I'm not too sure what else to add to this so I'll wrap up.

Thank you for reading!



Dave Melia
Site     :
Email    : dave at
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