RFC : in-development flag for packages

Yanko Kaneti yaneti at declera.com
Sun Feb 22 16:25:59 UTC 2015

This has been brewing in my head for a while so I'll just spill it
Introduce an "in-development" flag for packages in Fedora.

What is it?:
 - A flag in pkgdb - boolean property for a package under the control 
of the primary POC for rawhide.
 - A rpm flag in the rpm products of a build

How will it work?
  - mark build products rpms with a "in-development" flag when 
)((building on the development branch and the package itself has "in-
development" set) or when any rpms of the buildroot or package 
dependencies pulled during build have the flag set).

rel-eng at release branching time:
if the package has this flag set:
  - if the package has no release branches other than master:
     - do not create a new release branch.
     - retag all existing builds with the new devel tag.
    - the last release branch which the package has is copied to the
      new release branch
    - last build from the last release tag is tagged with the new 
      release tag
Schedule a mass rebuild of all packages in the new release branch 
which have the "in-development" flag set for any of their rpms.

The end result should be rpms in an official release or updates with 
no in-development flags and plenty of interesting development in 
rawhide without the fear of disrupting official releases too much.

Help introducing software in heavy development and not quite ready for 
release to the distribution or helping new heavy modifications to an 
existing released package to get the needed time to mature independent 
of the release schedule for the whole distribution.

Sorry if I am reahashing an old topic, but I can't recall if this has 
ever come up on devel.


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