service accepting commands from the network by default

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Sun Feb 22 20:08:34 UTC 2015

On Sun, 22 Feb 2015 15:04:18 +0100
Zbigniew Jędrzejewski-Szmek <zbyszek at> wrote:

> Are Fedora packages allowed to have a default configuration in which
> the service accepts commands from the network in the default
> configuration?

Commands from the network what sort of commands? 
Perhaps you had an example package in mind that caused you to bring
this up?

There's nothing I can think of off hand in the packaging guidelines
about accepting commands from the network in default config. It sounds
like common sense would be to avoid such a thing tho. 

> The daemon is not enabled by default, so the administrator has to do a
> systemctl enable/start first.  

Right, there are guidelines on this 

> This means that just installing the
> package does not create a problem, and an explicit admin action is
> necessary for the daemon to start listening. Nevertheless, I'm still
> worried that people will start the service to try it out without
> reading the fine print and will be vulnerable to attack. I would think
> that the Packaging Guidelines cover this, but I don't think they do.

As the saying goes "It's hard to legislate common sense" (ie, it's hard
to write down every single thing people should/should not do). 

Many packages in this situation at least listen only on localhost, so
the issue isn't remote access anyhow. 

IMHO, I would talk to the package maintainer(s) and ask them to do
something to improve the situation. 

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