Is Fedora Have Backdoor ?!

Florian Weimer fw at
Sun Feb 22 21:41:30 UTC 2015

* Reindl Harald:

> that has some meaning and in case of taking strong words like
> "backdoor" in my mouth and accuse the distribution that way i expect

Please read the Fesco ticket I referenced.  Such concerns are far from
isolated.  (I think they are unwarranted, but they neverless exist.)

As to the word ‘backdoor’, it's likely that Mosaab's first language
isn't English.  The word has some strong implications, sure, but it
brings across his concerns quite clearly.

Considering your own use of strong language, I find it rather strange
that you suddenly object to it, but maybe it helps you to understand
why some of us find it problematic.

> it not expressed in riddles nor am i really open for "my friend said
> backdoor" because in that case that friend should express what he sees
> by himself and not like "a friend of my friends mother said"

The friend might not feel comfortable writing in English.

Please try to be a bit more welcoming.

>> Has this never happened to you?  That a piece of new software you have
>> installed triggers some network activity you cannot immediately
>> explain?
> surely, but that's not "got two domains"

He ended up with the two domains after doing a DNS reverse lookup.

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