Is Fedora Have Backdoor ?!

Matthew Miller mattdm at
Sun Feb 22 22:44:59 UTC 2015

On Mon, Feb 23, 2015 at 12:37:44AM +0200, مصعب الزعبي wrote:
> My friend didn't have enabled auto-update.

There was an earlier discussion here. Even without updates
automatically applied, metadata about potential updates is downloaded

> He completely Surprised of un-human-authorized connection by fedora.

Preventing automatic system network interactions is not explicitly a
project goal, and we don't have any strong guidelines on this. If you
think it _should_ be, you wouldn't be alone — but on the other hand,
there are strong user benefits in making sure the system is up to date,
there's no waiting for metadata downloads, network connectivity is correct,
and so on; so, you'll need to build a strong case that this concern is
the most important.

> He disabled these actions by :
> sudo echo >> /etc/hosts

Since these connections really are innocuous, this seems more likely to
do harm than good, but of course your friend can do this if wanted.

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