amending the new package process

Dominik 'Rathann' Mierzejewski dominik at
Mon Feb 23 10:14:28 UTC 2015

On Monday, 23 February 2015 at 03:27, Orion Poplawski wrote:
> On 01/23/2015 04:32 PM, Kevin Kofler wrote:
> >Nikos Mavrogiannopoulos wrote:
> >>My experience with the new package process is that the review process in
> >>Step 6 doesn't work. For some of my packages it took 3 months for a
> >>reviewer to appear, some others more, some where reviewed faster. My
> >>understanding is that it depends on how interesting the package is, how
> >>many packagers you know, or whether you enter the review swap market.
> >
> >Indeed, the review process is the main roadblock to getting things done in
> >Fedora.
> >
> >IMHO, one easy solution to alleviate the problem would be to let experienced
> >packagers (ones that are provenpackagers and/or packager sponsors) import
> >their packages without a review (or with a self-review). We already trust
> >these packagers to know what they're doing, and in particular, to know the
> >packaging guidelines. So they should be perfectly able to verify the
> >compliance of their own packages on their own. Doing this would clear a
> >significant portion of the review queue instantly, and free up valuable
> >reviewer time for those packages that really do need reviewing, those coming
> >from new packagers.
> >
> >In many Free Software projects (e.g., GCC, KDE, etc.), the people who are
> >allowed to approve other people's commits can also approve their own. Sure,
> >there are others that insist (like us) on peer review by a second person,
> >but those typically suffer from the same issue we do (stalled reviews all
> >over the place).
> I'm a PP and a sponsor, and people still catch mistakes in reviews of my
> packages.  Maybe I shouldn't be a PP/sponsor then, but there it is.

Everybody makes mistakes, even PPs and sponsors. Trivial mistakes like
typos or copy&paste errors are easy to make and often difficult to spot.
That's why having another person look at your package is vital.

Also, doing away with reviews for packages submitted by existing
packagers would remove the incentive for swap reviews for them.

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